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Software Module Lifecycle

To keep the YCRC cluster software modules catalogs tidy, relevant, and up to date, we periodically deprecate and introduce modules.

Deprecated Modules

The two major criteria we use to decide which modules to deprecate are:

  • A software module has not been used much in the past year
  • We are ending support for the toolchain with which a module was built

As we deprecate modules, every time you load a module that has been marked for removal a warning message will appear. The message state when the module will no appear in the module list. If you see such a message, we recommend you update your project to use a supported module as soon as possible or contacting us for help.

Toolchain Support

The YCRC maintains a rolling two toolchain version support model. At any given time on a cluster, we aim to support two versions of each of the major toolchains, foss and intel. The two versions are separated by two years and new software is typically installed with the later version. When we introduce a new toolchain version, we phase out support for the oldest by marking software in that toolchain for deprecation. A few months later, software in the oldest toolchain version will be removed from the module list and no longer supported by the YCRC.

Last update: February 20, 2023