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Manage Permissions for Sharing

Home Directories

Do not give your home directory group write permissions. This will break your ability to log into the cluster. If you need to share files currently located in your home directory, either move it your project directory or contact us for assistance finding an appropriate location.

Shared Group Directories

Upon request we can setup directories for sharing scripts or data across your research group. These directories can either have read-only permissions for the group (so no one accidentally modifies something) or read and write permissions for shared data directories.

If interested, contact us to request such a directory.

Share With Specific Users or Other Groups

It can be very useful to create shared directories that can be read and written by multiple users, or all members of a group.  The linux command setfacl is useful for this, but can be complicated to use. We recommend that you create a shared directory somewhere in your project or scratch60 directories, rather than home. When sharing a sub-directory in your project or scratch60, you need first share your project or scratch60, and then share the sub-directory. Here are some simple scenarios. 


Your ~/project and ~/scratch60 directories are actually symlinks (shortcuts) to elsewhere on the filesystem. Either run mydirectories or readlink - f dirname (replace dirname with the one you are interested in) to get their true paths. Otherwise you will receive errors related to read permissions for your home-space.

Share a Directory with All Members of a Group

To share a new directory called shared in your project directory with group othergroup:

setfacl -m "g:othergroup:rx" $(readlink -f ~/project)
cd ~/project
mkdir shared
setfacl -m "g:othergroup:rwx" shared

Share a Directory with a Particular Person

To share a new directory called shared with a person with netid aa111:

setfacl -m "u:aa111:rx" $(readlink -f ~/project)
cd ~/project
mkdir shared
setfacl -m "u:aa111:rwx" shared

Remove Sharing of a Directory

To remove a group othergroup from sharing of a directory called shared:

setfacl -R -x "g:othergroup" shared

To remove a person with netid aa111 from sharing of a directory called shared:

setfacl -R -x "u:aa111" shared

Last update: September 21, 2020