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Rebuilding conda environemnts for McCleary migration

As the Farnam and Ruddle clusters are decommissioned and work migrates to the new cluster McCleary, there is a need to simplify the migration of conda environments.

There are two concepts for rebuilding conda environments:

  1. a copy of an existing environment, with identical versions of each package
  2. a fresh build following the same steps taken to creat the first environment (letting unspecified versions float)

This short doc will walk through recommended approaches to both styles of exporting and rebuilding a generic environment named test containing python, jupyter, numpy, and scipy.

Full export including dependencies

To export the exact versions of each package installed (including all dependencies) run:

module load miniconda
conda env export --no-builds --name test | grep -v prefix > test_export.yaml

This yaml file is ~230 lines long and contains every package that is installed in the test environment.

Since we are moving this environment to a different system with a different directory where conda environments are stored, we need to remove the line in this print out related to the "prefix".

Export only specified packages

If we simply wish to rebuild the environment using the steps previously employed to create it, we can replace --no-builds with --from-history.

module load miniconda
conda env export --from-history --name test | grep -v prefix > test_export.yaml

This is a much smaller file, ~10 lines, and only lists the packages explicitly installed:

name: test
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
  - bioconda
  - scipy
  - numpy=1.21
  - jupyter
  - python=3.8

In this environment, the versions of python and numpy were pinned during installation, but scipy and jupyter were left to get the most recent compatible version.

Build new environment

Now we can take this file from Farnam/Ruddle to McCleary and create a new environment using all the enumerated pacakges:

module load miniconda
conda env create --file test_export.yaml

This will create a new environment (with the same name test) on McCleary which.

Last update: January 25, 2023