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Farnam Decommission and McCleary launch

After more than six years in service, we will be retiring the Farnam HPC cluster in early 2023. Farnam has served the Yale biomedical research community, providing over 100 million hours of computations.

In late 2022, Farnam will be replaced with a new HPC cluster, McCleary. McCleary is named for Beatrix McCleary Hamburg, who received her medical degree in 1948 and was the first female African American graduate of Yale School of Medicine. The McCleary HPC cluster will be Yale's first direct-to-chip liquid cooled cluster, moving the YCRC and the Yale research computing community into a more environmentally friendly future.

McCleary HPC Cluster

The McCleary HPC cluster will comprise over 3000 direct-to-chip water cooled cores, latest generation GPU nodes and our first 4TB large memory nodes. Later generation nodes from Farnam will also be added to McCleary to complement the new resources, while Farnam’s oldest nodes will be retired. McCleary’s home and scratch spaces will join the Grace cluster on the all-flash storage system, Palmer. Project and PI-purchased storage will be available on the Gibbs storage system.

How to Get a McCleary Account

If you have been active on Farnam in 2022, your account will be considered for automatic creation on McCleary. If you have not used Farnam since January 1st, 2022, you will need to request an account on McCleary when it becomes available. More information on account creation and requesting accounts will be provided as we get closer to McCleary’s launch.

What about My Existing Data on Farnam?

Farnam’s primary filesystem, YSM (/gpfs/ysm), will be retired with the Farnam cluster. All data on YSM (that you want to keep) will need to be transferred off the cluster, either to non-HPC storage or to a McCleary account. More information and instructions on transferring Farnam data will be provided as McCleary’s storage becomes available.

If you have data on the Gibbs or Slayman storage systems, there is no action required as they will be available on McCleary.

Researchers with Purchased Nodes or Storage

If you have purchased space on Farnam's /gpfs/ysm that is still active (not expired), we will migrate your allocation to Gibbs at a mutually agreeable time. This is the only data that the YCRC will be automatically migrating from Farnam to McCleary.

If you have purchased storage on /gpfs/ysm that has expired or will be expiring in 2022, you should have received a separate communication from us with information on purchasing replacement storage on Gibbs (which will be available on McCleary).

Likewise, if you have purchased nodes on Farnam that are at their end of life, you should have received a separate communication from us with more information. All newer nodes will be transferred to McCleary and placed in similarly named partitions as on Farnam. Communications about node migrations will be sent when McCleary becomes available.

If you have any questions or concerns about what will be moved to McCleary and when, please reach out to us.

Last update: September 8, 2022