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Google Drive

Through Yale Google Apps for Education (EliApps), researchers have free Google Drive storage with very few limits on storage. The Globus Google Drive connector allows you to create a Globus endpoint that allows you to use the Globus infrastructure to transfer data into your Google Drive account. As always, no sensitive data (e.g. ePHI, HIPAA) is allowed in Google Drive storage.


If your Yale email account is already an EliApps account (Gmail), then you are all set. If your Yale email is in Microsoft Office365, send an email to the ITS helpdesk requesting a "no-email EliApps account". Once it is created you can login to Google Drive using your EliApps account name, which will be of the form The Globus connector is configured to only allow data to be uploaded into EliApps Google Drive accounts.

Google Shared Drives (formerly Team Drive)

Shared Drives is an additional feature for EliApps that is available by request only (at the moment). A Shared Drive is a Google Drive space that solves a lot of ownership and permissions issues present with traditional shared Google Drive folder. Once you create a Shared Drive, e.g. for a project or research group, any data placed in that Drive are owned by the drive and the permission (which accounts can own or access the data) can be easily managed from the Shared Drive interface by drive owners. With Shared Drive, you can be sure the data will stay with research group as students and postdocs come and go. If your group already uses google drive, contact us if you need additional Shared Drives. Although they don't have a total size quota, there are limits for Google Shared Drives. Some are listed below.


To keep file counts low (and for easier data retrieval) we highly recommended that you archive your data using zip or tar.

Limit type Limit
Number of files and folders 400,000
Daily upload cap 750 GiB
Max individual file size 5 TiB
Max number of nested folders 20

Local File Access

You can upload and access your data using the web portal and sync data with your local machines via the Google File Stream software. For sync with your local machine, install Drive for desktop. Authenticate with your EliApps account and you will see Google Drive mounted as an additional drive on your machine.


You can also transfer data using the command line utility Rclone. Rclone can be used to transfer data to any Google Drive account.

Globus Google Drive Connector

You can use Globus to transfer data to/from any EliApps Google Drive as well. See our Globus documentation for more information.

Last update: May 27, 2022