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COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Research

If you're doing computational research related to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 on an HPC cluster and experience any long wait times for jobs to run, please let us know.


The Yale Center for Research Computing provides support for research computing at Yale University. Our most active area for support is High Performance Computing, however we also support other computationally intensive research. In addition, we work with faculty and research groups across disciplines to design and maintain cost-effective computing capabilities.

Get Help

To best serve the research community, we provide one-on-one consulting and use a support tracking system.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

If you are experiencing issues logging into one of the clusters, please first check the current System Status for known issues and check the Troubleshoot Login guide first before seeking additional assistance.

Web and Email Support

To submit requests, issues, or questions please send us an email at or sign on to our online support system at Your login credentials there are your email and a password of your choosing, not your CAS password.

Once received, our system will send an automated response with a link to a ticket. From there we'll track your ticket and make sure it's handled properly by the right person. Replies via email or the online support system go to the same place and are interchangeable. Constructive feedback is much appreciated.

YouTube Channel

The YCRC YouTube channel features recorded tutorials and workshops that cover a wide range of computing topics. New videos are added regularly and suggestions for topics can be submitted by emailing

One-on-One Support

Research support team members are available by appointment for one-on-one support. See the table below for information about each person's area of particular focus and their email address. Please email them to set up an appointment. If you have a general question or are unsure about who to contact, you can email us at with as much detail as possible about your request and we'll find the right person for you.

Specialist Cluster(s) Areas of Focus Email
Kaylea Nelson, Ph.D. Grace/Milgram Astronomy, EPS dept, MPI, Python
Tom Langford, Ph.D. Grace Physics, Python, MPI
Ben Evans, Ph.D. Farnam/Ruddle Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Python, OOD Portal
Ping Luo Grace/Milgram MPI, OpenMP, C/C++, Fortran, ParaView, OOD Portal
Rob Bjornson, Ph.D. Farnam/Ruddle Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Python, R
Michael Strickler, Ph.D. Farnam/Ruddle Life Sciences, Structural Biology
Andy Sherman, Ph.D. Grace MPI, GPUs, Matlab
Misha Guy, Ph.D. SRSC Software and Mathematica

Q&A Platform

The YCRC hosts a Q&A platform at Post questions about the clusters and receive answers from YCRC staff or even your peers! The sub-site for YCRC related questions is available at

Acknowledge the YCRC

If publishing work performed on a YCRC cluster or with assistance from YCRC staff, we greatly appreciate acknowledgement of our staff and computing time in your publication. A list of YCRC staff can be found on our Staff page, and the clusters are summarized on our HPC Resources page. Example acknowledgement below:

We thank the Yale Center for Research Computing, specifically [YCRC staff member name(s)], for guidance and assistance in computation run on the [cluster name here] cluster.

Last update: July 30, 2021