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Data Storage Options

Google Drive via EliApps

Capacity: Unlimited. Cost: Free - 5TiB max file size
No sensitive data (e.g. ePHI, HIPAA)
Can be mounted on your local machine and transferred to via Globus Google Drive Connector

Google Drive is a cloud service for file storage, document editing and sharing. All members of the Yale community with an EliApps (Google Apps for Education) account have unlimited (yes, unlimited) storage at no cost in the associated Google Drive account. Moreover, EliApps users can request Shared Drives, which are shared spaces where all files are group-owned. For more information on Google Drive through EliApps, see our Google Drive documentation for more information.

Storage @ Yale

Cluster I/O Performance

Cluster-mounted S@Y shares do not provide sufficient performance for use in jobs. We mount the shares on the cluster for convenience but strongly recommend data be copied to Project or Scratch60 before running jobs.

Capacity: As requested. Cost: See below
No sensitive data (e.g. ePHI, HIPAA) for cluster mounts
Can be mounted on the cluster or computers on campus (but not both)

Storage @ Yale (S@Y) is a central storage service provided by ITS. S@Y shares can either be accessible on campus computers or the clusters, but not both. All prices are charged monthly for storage used at that time.

Type Use Price
Object Tier Good for staging data between cloud and clusters $12/TiB/month
Active Tier Daily use, still copy to cluster before using in jobs $10.78/TiB/month
Archive Tier Long term storage, low access. Make sure to properly archive $3.60/TiB/month

For most up to date pricing information, see the ITS Data Rates.

To request a share, press the “Request this Service” button in the right sidebar on the Storage@Yale website. If you would like to request a share that is mounted on the clusters, specify in your request that the share be mounted from the HPC clusters. If you elect to use archive tier storage, be cognizant of its performance characteristics.

Box at Yale

Capacity: 50GiB per user. Cost: Free. 15 GiB max file size.
Sensitive data (e.g. ePHI, HIPAA) only in Secure Box
Can be mounted on your local machine and transferred with rclone

All members of the Yale community have access to a share at Box at Yale. Box is another cloud-based file sharing and storage service. You can upload and access your data using the web portal and sync data with your local machines via Box Sync.

To access, navigate to and login with your account.

For sync with your local machine, install Box Sync and authenticate with your account.

For more information about Box at Yale, see the ITS website.

Last update: July 28, 2020