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HPC Resources

The YCRC maintains and supports a number of high performance computing systems for the Yale research community. To download a Word document that describes our facilities, equipment, and other resources for HPC and research computing, click here. Our high performance computing systems are named after notable members of the Yale community.


We maintain and support four Red Hat Linux compute clusters, listed below. Please click on cluster names for more information.

Cluster Name Approx. Core Count Approx. Node Count Login Address Purpose
Grace 29,000 900 general and highly parallel, tightly coupled (InfiniBand)
Farnam 6,700 275 medical and life science
Milgram 2,400 80 HIPAA and other sensitive data
Ruddle 4,500 200 Yale Center for Genome Analysis


We maintain several high performance storage systems. Listed below are these shared filesystems and the clusters where they are available. We distinguish where clusters store their home directories with an asterisk. The directory /home will always point to your home directory on the cluster you logged into. For more information about storage quotas and purchasing storage see the Cluster Storage page.

Name Path Size Mounting Clusters File System Software Purpose
Palmer /vast/palmer 500 TiB Grace* Vast Grace home, scratch storage
Gibbs /gpfs/gibbs 8.0 PiB Grace, Farnam, Ruddle IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) project, purchased project-style storage
YSM /gpfs/ysm 1.5 PiB Grace, Farnam* IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Farnam primary storage
Loomis /gpfs/loomis 2.6 PiB Grace, Farnam IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) purchased project-style storage
Slayman /gpfs/slayman 1.0 PiB Grace, Farnam IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) purchased project-style storage
Milgram /gpfs/milgram 3.0 PiB Milgram* IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Milgram primary storage
YCGA /gpfs/ycga 2.0 PiB Ruddle* IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Ruddle primary storage

Last update: August 5, 2022